Valentine Amari’s Senior Capstone Exhibition, ANGELOLOGY, is a body of work dedicated to exploring the nature and aesthetics of ephemerality, transcription, inscription, and il/legibility through movement, gesture, light, and form. She revisits “the basics” through her use of minimalistic lines that cascade through chaos and order, then transmutes these configurations into angels with a complex pattern of digital functions. She even implicates her own celestial bodies and biomythologies while accentuating the intersections of the lived, imagined, and generated.

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V. Amari
2020 - 2021
Digital Media, Photography, Animation, Poetry

12 Paces (2020)
Digital Media, Poetry, 5x8in

This series explores the inner mechanisms of the brain, juxtaposed with the physical practice of walking. A cryptic concrete poem about infatuation that aims to utilize minimalism and chaos, play with the incomprehensible, and how everyday activity possesses longstanding momentum that we are normally unable to keep track of.

Digital Media, 14x10in
glyph - a heiroglyphic character or symbol; a pictograph

The next step in my linework practice was to organize complex patterns and build upon them to create a visual language from the resulting glyphs. The glyphs’ entanglement and illumination traverse communication, recognition, gesture, and ethereality via abstraction.

Lovers (left)

Believers (right)

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Small Format - ALL OF MY HEARTS

YLM (You Love Me) (2020)
Digital Media, Concrete Poetry, 14x10in
Special Thanks:
Jill Scott

Inspired by the repetitive proclamations of love in songs like He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat) by Jill Scott and Beltway by Solange, I decided to create a morphing, melting, series of images combining the beauty of repetition in movement, form, and word. This piece serves to replicate the sensation of discovering love for another all over again, and again, and again.

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Small Format - ALL OF MY HEARTS

Nucleotine Amari (2020)
Digital Media, Photography, 20x15in, 10x10in
Special Thanks:
alexis roman

nucleotide - a compound consisting of a nucleoside linked to a phosphate group, forming the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA

My exploration in linework culminates in the enchanting and mystifying of my self portraiture. Intersections of inherited histories, gifts, and genetics constantly influence and inform how we determine our power and worth.

Valentine Solari

Runnin Through My Veins

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SoLA Contemporary - Like Water

RISD Gelman Student Exhibition Gallery - Black Biennial

Small Format - ALL OF MY HEARTS

Moondial (2020)
Digital Media, Photography, 14x10in
moondial - a device similar in function to a sundial, yet only operates on the full moon

Using over a dozen photographs of the moon taken from my window, I utilize the interactions of glass and light to orchestrate duplications and afterimages that interact with each other as well as the original moons organized circularly. Repetition is integral to the technical and ideological foundations of this piece, becoming as ritualistic as my ancestral practices based on the lunar phases.

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Small Format - ALL OF MY HEARTS

Digital Media, 14x10in

This series explores light, color and form by further transforming my anglyphs (Lovers) into more complex entities in Photoshop. The prior iteration is compounded in its composition in conjunction with the compounding effects that create new lenses to sift through the layers. These acts of reappraisal through this evershifting form/lens hark back to the visually elusive nature of divine entities such as gods or angels.



2018-2022//Long Beach CA//Providence RI//Chicago IL