V. Amari
December 2018
Digital Media

Special Thanks:
Francisco Romero Zafra
Thomas Cole


cupidity - greed for money or possessions.
mammon - wealth regarded as an evil influence or false object of worship and devotion.

This series personifies late capitalist practices that have seeped into our quotidian lives, and those who benefit from our (seemingly) inescapable entrenchment within them. I have appropriated sculptures made by Francisco Romero Zafra and a painting by Thomas Cole in the aims of blending comedy, irony, and anguish through space and time.

Bank of King Cupid

Amora’s Dilemma

Damnation to the Binary

Mammon’s Legendary Machination

1% Eternal

Shown In

LIST Art Center - Love:Love

SoLA Contemporary - Like Water

Small Format - ALL OF MY HEARTS

2018-2022//Long Beach CA//Providence RI//Chicago IL