V. Amari
June 2018
Digital Media

Special Thanks:
Francisco Romero Zafra

Our Mother’s Fears

This is the first series I made independent of my curriculum, which is representative of my experience in perceiving the world for its corruption and evils. Lying deep within my spirituality rooted in Baptism, I imagined the mythos of an omniscient mother deity (by appropriating sculptures made by Francisco Romero Zafra) that surveys the state of the world she forged, and chooses to take action by performing a final act of love to rescue it.  

Our Mother’s Envoy of Grief, Paying Her Respects to Our Doomed World

Our Mother’s Hope for Salvation, in Preparation for Our Last Funeral

Our Mother’s Ultimate Sacrifice, Stripping Us of Our Blessed Corona

Our Mother’s Tears of Creation, Flooding Out the Old World

Our Mother’s Divine Exhalation, Breathing Life Into the New World

Shown In

Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs - The Americas

LIST Art Center - Love:Love

Leung Family Gallery - Black Art’s Showcase 2019 - Community of Love

Small Format - ALL OF MY HEARTS

2018-2022//Long Beach CA//Providence RI//Chicago IL