V. Amari
M. Tonnette
May 2019
Handmade Paper &
Mixed Media

Special Thanks:
Mark Séjourné
Stella Binion
Jack Nelson
Aliya Chambless


saccharine - excessively sweet or sentimental

This mini anthology is comprised of my favorite parts of M. Tonnette’s, my mother’s, poetry, collected and printed onto paper that I made by hand from local mullen with yucca (for the central pages, with the backsides overlayed into the background behind the scans to show the imbedding), cotton pulp and knotweed (for the title page that I also hand pressed the title into), and seaweed (the final page). I lasercut leather and attached clasps to form sheaths to hold the pages. In this process, I have been able to understand my mother and her longstanding poetic practice more concisely, as well as identify the natural overlaps in the themes present in our work. This exists as a numbered edition, with 4 copies of this book existing. One staying with me, another with my mother, the third with my professor that taught me the art of printmaking/bookmaking, and the last one residing in the Special Collections of the
 John Hay Library.
“I Want To Fall In Love”
“Absolutely Necessary”
“A Restoration”
“Peace & Blessings”
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