V. Amari
March 2018 - Present
Mixed Media

Inner Core of Adonis (2019)
Digital Media
adonis - a very handsome young man.

This piece is based off of the hashtag #MCM, or Man Crush Monday, bringing form to the internal process of longing and desire of an idealized figure. Formed through an interest in shifting the focus of the materialities in my digital work, combined with my take that men are better left in fantasy. Drawing inspiration from traditional ideas of romance, introspection, and yearning, this piece is both satirical as well as extremely autobiographical.

Venom to Nix the Patriarch (2019)
Digital Media
nix - put an end to; cancel.

This piece is based off of a prompt that I received in my first RISD class: a picture of a woman crying accompanied by the text, “When your daughter wishes you didnt exist anymore.” My brain immediately went to a story of a venmous, spitting feminine serpent entity, locked in an eternal contention with the primordial father. Exploring juxtaposition and ideas of classicism, revolution, reclamation, and evolution, I wished to symbolize current struggles against archaic hegemonic systems that currently plague humanity. 

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